Amit Thakur exploring ideas every single day

Things I learnt

  • I can achive my goals if:
    • I have patience. Sometimes it takes very long, but patience always pays off.
    • I have focus. Greater attention and highly focused target–I get things done easily.
    • I have strong will power. I must never quit.
    • I believe in myself. It’s okay to have some fears.
    • I am honest to myself. Taking decision under pressure and with dishonesty always ruins the hard-work and time.
  • Success is nothing like one-shot game, it keeps evolving over time. It’s a journey, not a destination.
  • It’s okay to mess up while trying out new things, but the idea is to stick with the process, and keep learning.
  • With experience, I become efficient and accurate. But experience comes with a lot of practice and facing challenges, and it does take some time.

Quotes that matter

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Others useful things to learn: