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Hi! I’m Amit Kumar Thakur.

I’m a software engineer by profession and currently work at Vocera, Platform Team, at Bengaluru, India.

Previously, I was working for Thermo Fisher Scientific (3 years), and Infosys (2.5 years) in the same city.

I spent my childhood at Jaipur, India. I completed my school and bachelor education in the same city.

I never had stellar academic record, but I enjoyed studying mathematics and physics during high school. I loved making electronic projects. I got motivation for building circuits from my elder cousin brother, but real attachment started when I spent quite a time playing with my father’s flash light torch and a portable radio, right from the age when I was a toddler.

My mother bought me my first computer at the age of 20, when I was in the 1st year of my engineering college. I wrote my first program in C++ on Windows 7 OS. Since then, I tried a lot of things with computers, like, developing websites, desktop application applications for my college projects, and learning scientific computing using Matlab, OpenCV, and C++ language. Here is the detailed list of tools and technologies I use in my daily work.

I have affinity for mathematics, electronics, physics, and computer science. I see beauty in some patterns in objects, and feel aesthetic pleasure while programming and studying mathematics.

I love cooking, reading, listening to radio, and travelling.

I like instrumental and chillout music more, but hard rock goes well while working out. I’m not an active swimmer but like to go for swimming at least once every month.

I make daily goals, and measure my progress at the end of the day. I analyse the failure points and learn the good points. This feedback loop makes me more efficient; everyday.

I have cultivated habit of reading for last two years.

I like to share my useful thoughts and learnings through blogging. Here are few things I learnt in my life.

You can reach out to me via email at [email protected]<this site domain name>

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Thank you for visiting my website, and this in page in particular, to know about me!