My attempt at Google Code Jam 2014 : Qualification Round


I had my university exams and GCJ on the same day, and was busy in Infosys recruitment drive also. Anyhow, I did manage to attempt two problems out of the four. Here is my approach to the problems:


Problem A: Magic Trick (Problem Statement)

Wasn’t so tricky. All I needed to do was to find the common elements in the given rows of two 4 x 4 matrix.


Problem B. Cookie Clicker Alpha (Problem Statement)

Here I tried to find the condition for which buying a cookie farm is more profitable than waiting for x cookies:

    \[ \frac{x}{r} > \frac{c}{r} + \frac{x}{r + f} \]


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  1. Piyush jain says:

    Gratz 😀

  2. louis says:

    Nice alert(‘Louis was here’);

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