A Journey, Called Life.

Just realized it again:   We call this wonderful journey, our life, where we meet wonderful people and the memorable moments. Who cares about the destination? Everything, you see, is a cosmic compound, created with the big-bang, and, probably, will…

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My attempt at Google Code Jam 2014 : Qualification Round

I had my university exams and GCJ on the same day, and was busy in Infosys recruitment drive also. Anyhow, I did manage to attempt two problems out of the four. Here is my approach to the problems:   Problem…

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sad puppy

Does High GPA reflect one’s ability to innovate?

If you are an engineering graduate with not-so-great academics, whatever may be the reason, you might have missed a lot of opportunities to apply for a job, just because your past screwed(ing) you. I am also in the same league….

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TCS Online Aptitude Test Experience

Yesterday I appeared for TCS Online Aptitude Test. It was NOT a campus drive. It was an All-India test, where one has to compete with other aspirants from all parts of the country unlike campus recruitment drives. It had two…

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Basics of Digital Images – 1

A 2-D image is an array of image pixels. Here is a simple C++ program with OpenCV code to display a colored image: View the code on Gist. If we zoom into the image, we can see each pixels which…

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Hierarchy Kills Creativity

Yes. It kills time. It kills trust. It kills generosity. It kills possibilities of a great positive change. I dream of a flat world, where: Everyone has freedom to express his/her views, ideas, and criticism to anyone. Everyone lives a…

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Do you belong to Middle Class? Don’t know? This is for you.

A very interesting info-graphic video on Middle Class.   Courtesy: BBC

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The Only Thing That Accompanies You Through Odds Is Motivation

  I just watched Lakshya 5th time. Karan resembles me or I resemble him. Both are right. He was aimless and got his Lakshya eventually. I am also an aimless guy. Writing career aim in my CV is such a difficult task…

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First Post Of My Weblog

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit. -Aristotle With this motivational quote, I start my own weblog. This blog is an aggregation of my thoughts and ideas coming to my mind. I…

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